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Halfway through sketching I realized I’d never be able to do a clean sharp sketch like all those talented people.
Solution? Take the messiest ink brush in the whole library. Scratch away. What are clean lines?

I got some items as gifts and this is my new Medic loadout, finally with depth perception similar to his player’s.
I spent my evening surrounded by four Heavies who sprayed “Seer’s Army” everywhere. They even changed usernames to “Seer’s loyal <insert chosen proffesion here>.” That was surprisingly touching.
The handsome Heavy here is the one who gave me items.

I love the way you draw, Seer. :) And all your Heavies cares about you deeply, Doctor. :3


And this is why artists like Spriteknight and I should never be given baking supplies.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ahhh, yess. Scout and Demo are already on my christmas trrree… and Spy HAS BEEN EATEN by Teamage’s brother… but Teamage told me that it’s definitely the Dead Ringer so it’s gonna be fun. :3

Anyways, Merry Christmas guys, have a wonderful (teamfortressful!) time! <3


Sorry for being so inactive, I’ve been having a lot of work and additionally I developed a carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, which is the greatest thing in a project requiring constant use of my hands eight to ten hours a day.

But here, have some late night experimental Annie speedpaint. And by “experimental” I mean “I have no idea what’s happening here but yay, colours”.
Is it just me or does she look a bit like Female Titan here?…

Annie Annie Aaaaannie! <3 And Teamage painted something! SO PROUD OF YA!

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